Speaking Practice

At the Airport

Click below to hear the converstaion


Click below to say and then hear yourself speaking English. First, click record, then allow access for your microphone and speakers. After you finish saying the dialogue click on listen.

Customs Officer: Welcome to the USA. May I see your passport please?
Traveler: Sure, here it is.
Customs Officer: Where are you coming from?
Traveler: I’m coming from Athens, Greece.
Customs Officer: What is the reason for your visit?
Traveler: I’m here as a tourist.
Customs Officer: How long are you planning to stay?
Traveler: I’ll be staying for three weeks.
Customs Officer: Where will you be staying?
Traveler: I’ll be staying at a hotel.
Customs Officer: Have you ever been to the USA before?
Traveler: No, this is my first time.
Customs Officer: Do you have anything to declare?
Traveler: No, nothing.
Customs Officer: Enjoy your stay.
Traveler: Thank you.

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