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Topic: What are the advantages and disadvantages of being famous.

Most people would enjoy being famous like TV or film stars,or athletes. However, being known worldwide has both advantages and disadvantages.

Fame has some good points. First of all, fame brings wealth and one is able to enjoy luxuries like a beautiful home, trips and expensive clothes and cars. In addition, famous people are admired and loved by the general public and have many fans. Finally, a famous person can help others who are in need by participating in fund-raising programmes for the poor all over the world.

On the other hand, there are some serious disadvantages which make the lives of famous people rather difficult. Firstly, there may be many people who hate you and are kelous of your success. This may be especially true with people you work with and want to take advantage of you. Secondly, you and your family may be in danger when you go out to the shops because someone might kidnap a member of your family and ask for a ransom. Thirdly, your private life becomes the target for paparatsi who follow your every move because they want to take your photograph and learn about your personal life in order to sell that information to newspapers and magazines.

To sum up, being famous can offer a luxurious lifestyle but many worries as well.

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